How can you enhance a shopper’s experience using only your POS system?

Maintaining a small business takes more than just making sales. Owning a retail store requires a bunch of small tasks that form together in order to make a shopping experience seamless for both customers and employees.

These tasks include:

  • Looking up information pertaining to products
  • Maintaining and printing sales reports
  • Selling gift certificates
  • Tracking daily, weekly and monthly sales
  • Tracking inventory to keep shelves stocked and prevent losses.

A point of sale system was once seen as a cutting edge piece of technology, but now is just as much a necessity as having the lights turned on in your store. How is this new change actually helping businesses?

  • Implementing a secure protection system: Businesses lose billions of dollars each year in stolen profits. Ensure the money your business makes is safe with features such as invalid sales, monthly sales by UPC, tracking of sold below price costs and violation reports.
  • Inventory management: Managing prices, barcode printing and type of clothing with a reliable system allows for profits to be made and tracked. As inventory changes, these differences should be monitored.
  • Making a lasting impression: A checkout system is often the last piece of a business a customer will interact with. Ensure yours is up to speed and date for a seamless experience. Likewise, if a breach is made of a customer base’s personal information due to your system, they will likely not return.
  • Tracking employee time and attendance: Tracking time card maintenance shouldn’t be difficult. Have employees log in and out using an easy to configure system.

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