Marketing and retail is ever-evolving. We know that the demands of how to reach and connect with our clients have changed drastically over the years, and continue to do so. Sometimes in this time of constant adaption, it can feel easier to sit back for a moment and see if the trends and fads will fade. After all, businesses survived at one point without cell phones or computers, and advertising was once solely found in the papers or on the radio, right?

If that’s your way of thinking, you’re not wrong, but the key word there is “once.” Keeping up with the times is essential for your business to not only get by, but to thrive. Whether you’re just starting to look into a retail POS system or are thinking it might be time for your system to change, Visual Retail Plus has the software that you need! Take a look at some of the businesses we can help with, and schedule a free demo of our software today!

Retail POS Software: An Overview

With retail POS software applications, there are so many things you can do that will benefit your business! Here are some basics on what a POS system can do:

  • Monitor stock levels
  • Keep track of and categorize inventory
    • Our matrix can even notify you when supplies are low, and you can change inventory levels as needed!
  • Change shipping charges, size scales, and weights with ease
  • Access CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Track employee time and attendance
  • Receive support in multiple languages, as well as with multiple currencies
  • Create purchase orders
  • Change prices automatically
  • Print barcode tags and labels

This is not a comprehensive list—if anything, it’s far from it! Check out all the other ways that retail POS software applications can help you and your business here.

Businesses That Will Benefit From POS Software

There are a vast array of stores that would find our retail POS software an incredible addition to their business. While this list is not all-inclusive, here are some businesses that will definitely benefit from upgrading their POS software!

Clothing Store

With a VRP Apparel Vertical POS, you will have access to a three-dimensional matrix, attach pictures of items, mix-and-match coupons, CRM, and so much more. For your employees, time and attendance, commission, and allowance are tracked as well. An easy-to-use interface that can handle so many functions of your business, you’d practically be crazy not to invest in our VRP Apparel Vertical POS software.

Shoe Store

Virtual Retail Plus offers a shoe vertical retail POS system that can do wonders for your business. Pair different items together with ease, keep track of previous customer purchases, organize and create coupons, and categorize items in a way that makes sense to you. Not to mention, VRP software is ideal if you have more than one location, as you can easily transfer items from one store to the other.

Book Store

Like with our retail POS software for other stores, you can easily pair items to promote sales, such as a book with a bookmark, or a book with a DVD. Our search system makes finding products and inventory easy, as you can search by ISBN, author, subject, title, and more. With our book store-specific software, you can gain access to recommendations on new orders, as well as sort and change prices for new and used books.

Gift and Hobby Shops

Whether you’re managing a gift shop in a city frequented by tourists, or managing a shop that specializes in a specific hobby, our POS solution for Gift and Hobby shops is critical to helping your store thrive! You’ll be working with a large number of vendors, so you’ll love how our software provides a catalog of both products and UPCs. Additionally, if an item is at a different location, our software will find that location immediately, ensuring that the sale goes through. VRP retail POS software can even create gift registries and create a variety of coupons. The possibilities are seemingly endless!


Many of the benefits from our other retail POS software also exist with our jewelry option. Yet there are some added bonuses that are custom-tailored to fit your jewelry store. With this software, you can make anonymous sales—perfect for those purchasing for proposals! You can also change the price of stones and precious metals both easily and daily, as needed.


Our clients at Visual Retail Plus run the gamut of enterprises and services offered. With customers managing a variety of stores, and even museums, we have specific retail POS software that will make you question how you even got by before these systems were in place. From sporting goods stores to gun stores, to clothes retailers and more, Visual Retail Plus is a leader in providing retail POS software that will ease efficiency at your store. Get in touch with us to try out our software today!