Where does the e-commerce in your retail store stand?

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Characterized by a mass of shoppers, influx of inventory and more coupons and gift cards, the holidays are a period high commerce.

Take time before the end of October to evaluate your business E-Commerce customer service plan. For the best plan possible, keep the following three tips in mind:

  • Make sure the store is fully staffed: The last scenario your customers want is having to stand in long lines to complete their holiday shopping. Be sure the store is fully staffed and ready to go with a multitude of open point of sale systems, employees available to answer questions and a clear path toward sales items. In addition to the in-store experience, ensure employees are available via other channels such as email or phone to answer questions quickly.
  • Review inventory: What were some of the biggest sale items last year? Are they the same this year? Take time to track inventory sales through the next few weeks and determine what the hot sellers are and which product isn’t moving at all.
  • Update FAQs and other important information: What is your store’s return policy? Will it be changed when the holidays begin? What about online orders or shipping expenses? Make this information easily accessible for the best customer response.

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