Is your management team ready for the holiday rush?

As the holiday lines, inventory shipments and customer desires continue to fall into place this holiday season, be sure your management team is ready to lead. Employees will look to management for guidance during the customer rushes, any sale issues and all the problems that fall in-between.

Management, especially those that are located on the actual sales floor are often the last line of communication between employees and customers. The time patrons spend with employees is vital and has quite an impact on whether they choose to return again.

According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, a one-second performance delay in ecommerce response time reduces shopper conversions by up to 7 percent. Although this is e-commerce, in-store experiences are just as important, if not more. Customer expectations must be met each time to maximize retail opportunity.

Keep the following three management tips in mind for a successful holiday season:

  • Efficient checkout experiences: Is your management team ready to hop into the checkout process too? A smooth checkout is often the last thing customers remember once they leave a store.
  • Ensure employees understand all holiday information: What is your business stance on gift returns after the holidays? Does it offer both exchanges and gift receipts? By creating an informed, positive shopping experience, customers will be able to purchase what they came for and make decisions on additional products as well.
  • Stay calm: The holiday rush can be crazy, but it’s important that leaders remain cool and ready to help when necessary. Add value to the store experience of customers with help when it matters most. At the end of a shift, take some time to give feedback to your sales team on what went well and what should be changed for the next day.

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