How a POS system can ease your small-business worries.

Running your own business is an endeavor rife with challenges. Many owners strive to invest in technology that improves operations, creates a smooth customer experience – yet doesn’t strain their budgets. A point-of-sale system is one place that business owners may overlook – but investing in a retail POS system could ease several headaches. Here are the benefits of investing in a POS system:

Keep up in a growing online and mobile marketplace

Many consumers know the benefits to their communities by shopping at small businesses but grow frustrated when they can’t support these places by shopping online or on their mobile devices. Small businesses need software that assists them in moving into e-commerce to reach their customers 24/7. Providing that service to your customers – ultimately making their shopping experience easy and fast – can do more to build and maintain customer loyalty than a promotion. You need a POS that can integrate with major online retailers like Amazon while also allowing you to track sales across e-commerce and mobile. More shoppers are taking to their smartphones to complete their purchases: Mobile commerce is now at least one-third of all sales that occur online, Internet Retailer reported. As customers stay plugged into their devices, they are insisting their retailers provide a seamless online and mobile shopping experience. Having a POS system that can manage those orders efficiently can make the customer experience effortless.

Keep track of inventory and stay ahead of trends

Nothing is worse as a fashion retailer that runs out of a popular dress, purse or shoe style because it wasn’t able to accurately predict demand. This situation could mean loss of revenue and a headache as you try to expedite orders from distributors to keep up with demand. With a retail POS system, you can see a breakdown of inventory and the sales made around certain items. It can help you stay ahead of trends and stay fully stocked. A POS system can offer cloud server storage that lets business owners access this data from anywhere, including their own smartphones.

Create a faster checkout experience

A retail POS system lets you choose from a list of several items without having to manually input prices. You can reduce the opportunity for error – and potentially lost revenue – from incorrectly entered items. In addition, tapping away at a cash register can feel like a much longer process for both the cashier and the customer. When facing a long line, customers may choose not to make a purchase at all!

“Asking customers to endure a lengthy wait to process and pay for their order can spoil what may have otherwise been an enjoyable shopping experience,” noted Chief Marketing Officer Larry Logan for Progressive Grocer.

Make sure your customers have a positive shopping experience from start to finish. A POS system can help you keep up with busy times in your retail establishment without worry. A fast checkout time may even become a business advantage and bring satisfied customers back.

Develop easier bookkeeping

When working with a cash register, small-business owners may have only their roll of receipts as a record of sales. Lose that paper, and critical business information goes with it. That outcome can cause additional stress you don’t need. A POS system can provide a digital record, all in one place – so you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing sales information.

These are only a few pain points that a POS system can address. To learn more, reach out to Visual Retail Plus to see how they can help your business or download the e-guide to learn how CRM can improve your business.