Strong October sales numbers predict better holiday numbers.

For every merchant, it is important to pay attention to sales numbers if they want to be successful. The more accurate the report, the easier it is for business owners to make decisions and notice trends. This not only goes for how well individual companies are doing, but also how entire sectors are doing.

According to the most recent figures, October experienced higher-than -anticipated sales numbers. An article from USA Today recapped the report that indicated a sales increase of 0.4 percent last month. That was well above the 0.1 percent that was forecast. Considering the economic uncertainty that came with the 16-day government shutdown, this increase is a positive step.

The report indicates that certain sectors helped push these numbers. They include electronics, clothing, furniture and sporting goods. Also helping matters is the fact that consumer prices dropped 0.1 percent, while inflation has risen just 1 percent in the last year.

For merchants, these numbers are good news and the upward trend should continue as we inch closer to Black Friday — the unofficial kick-off to the holiday shopping season. However, with numbers higher than expected, merchants need to make sure their POS equipment is able to handle the increased traffic.

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