How can tracking customers enhance their overall experience?

How can tracking customers enhance the experience of both your retail store visitors and employees? As technology advances, some experts believe a discord is forming between what customers want and what stores are actually delivering.

In addition to increasing competition between stores, and a vastly changing marketplace, customer tracking will remain a vital component of success.

What can customer tracking do for your business?

  • Effective implementation of business strategies: Tracking customers allows stores to view sales, understand when the busier hours during the day are and what inventory needs to be ordered more quickly. In addition, syncing staff to match customer influx and maximize service is also essential.
  • Evaluation of marketing and advertising campaigns: Test effectiveness of advertising and marketing efforts in relation to sales data and and customer traffic patterns. Understanding how a marketing campaign is driving a sales force or hindering it is a great way to build on future plans. As stores spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, be sure yours is both relevant and successful for maximum return.
  • Real-time information: How many customers are in your store right now? How long are they waiting in line for? Keeping track of real-time changes enables employees to better serve customers, as well as invest in future relations.

A recent case study highlighting the effect of Axper’s customer tracking abilities in a retail store found that revenue increased by a weekly average of $ 2,044.25 six weeks after implementation.

In addition to tracking customers, having an effective POS system is essential for the success of any store. Visual Retail Plus has a range of capabilities including inventory tracking, security and multi-store tracking. Learn more on our website.