What do shoppers expect during their trips to your store?

According to a recent study conducted by Zebra Technologies Corporation Global Shopper, shoppers are becoming more interested in in-store experiences. Although online shopping has become a huge hit across the world, when shoppers do venture into actual stores many have high expectations.

These expectations include Wi-Fi, location-based coupons, shopping maps and associate assistance.

64 percent of shoppers said they would be willing to purchase more merchandise if they had received better customer service. 34 percent of these respondents said they felt as if they were better connected to real-time information than in-store associates. This disconnect could create issues in the future if employees are not aware of their products, customer expectations or overall efficient practices in general.

Despite the fact that many shoppers are turning toward online mediums and apps for shopping, more than 76 percent of shoppers indicated they felt positive about shopping in stores. Almost one-half believe that technology solutions are enabling retailers to better improve their experience as a whole.

52 percent of shoppers said that they had looked at items in-store but had then decided to buy the item online instead. Although many prefer to shop online, more than three in 10 shoppers said they would rather pick up an item in a store when making orders online, bringing in shoppers despite mobile ventures.

Though stores do take in a lot of personal information from their shoppers, only 5 percent of customers said they completely trusted retailers to keep their information safe.

This is where Visual Retail Plus plays its part. An effective, secure point of sale system, PCI-compliant Visual Retail Plus has many capabilities for your store including data storage, inventory tracking, as well as time and attendance recording.

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