What rewards do shoppers expect when visiting your store?

When it comes to shopper perks in your retail store, what do customers expect? The answer lies in how customers are actually getting from point A to point B.

A recent study conducted by Excentus, a consumer behavior agent, found that more than 54 percent of U.S. consumers belong to loyalty programs that allow them to save on fuel costs.

In addition, 37 percent of consumers ranked fuel savings as their preferred rewards program.

Other popular perks include:

  • 32 percent credit card cash back programs
  • 25 percent credit card rewards and cash register instant discounts
  • 24 percent retailer-specific points or rewards
  • 22 percent airline miles
  • 17 percent restaurant or grocery rewards
  • 14 percent hotel points

Many consumers are cashing in at the gas pump, with 46 percent indicating that they earn, buy, redeem or check their fuel savings rewards daily or weekly. Respondents also said they enjoy the fuel savings in order to conserve money in any manner they can, as well as obtaining extra rewards for other items at the same time.

Many venues are cashing in on fuel awards including grocery chains, retail stores, restaurants and other locations as well. Almost one in five consumers would switch brands or shopping locations to obtain fuel rewards, and 20 percent would shop in-store to obtain savings as well.

Another finding in the survey indicates that retailers should be targeting Millennial shoppers through mobile means, as they are two times as likely to find rewards through these channels, and in turn, visit your store.

Customer rewards are important, but so is the security of their personal information. Be sure to keep their credit and debit information safe with a secure point of sale system. Visual Retail Plus has a range of features available in its system for both your employees and customers.

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