Keep your personal information safe during any kind of shopping trip.

The security of your personal information is a vital component of your finances and overall safety.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 44 percent of Millennials believe that businesses keep their personal information private all the time, compared to just 32 percent of Generation X and Baby Boomers.

As technology becomes more widely used between online shopping, in-store usage of technology for purchases, email deals and private information sent via the Internet, business must be ready to protect both its private information and the information of their customers.

A report created by Digital Citizens Alliance and Medialink, found that ads by premium brands appeared on 32.3 percent of large piracy sites, an increase from 28.9 percent the year before. This piracy sites are known for their viruses and malware that can damage computers and steal personal information quickly, oftentimes undetected. In addition to this information, nearly 80 percent of marketers deliver personalized shopping experiences and information via email.

Ads are a source of revenue for many businesses, both online and offline, but can also be a source of insecure information, as seen in this study.

Keep the following tips in mind to protect the personal information of customers during their next shopping experience.

  • Don’t let non-employees into the backroom. Although it may not seem serious, doing so can put both customer information and inventory at risk of being stolen.
  • Leave mobile POS systems where they can be seen at all times by employees. Ensure these pieces are not left alone and the pins employees use to log into them remain secure.
  • Refrain from using the Internet or other outside forums on your POS system. This can expose both your system and its information to hackers. As seen in the study above, breaches can be hard to decipher, even when they’re right in the front of your screen.

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