A parking garage company recently revealed a data breach.

A parking garage company in the U.S. called SP+ recently announced that a major data breach affected more than 17 of its locations in Chicago, Seattle and Philadelphia. SP+ operates a total of 4,200 different parking facilities in hundreds of cities across the U.S.

Cyber-criminals apparently hacked into the company’s internal computer system by taking advantage of remote access tools to gain entrance. The criminals then installed malware into the system that was programmed to collect payment card information funneled from various garage locations.

“Though SP+ does not have sufficient information to identify whether any specific cards were taken or to mail notification letters to the potentially affected cardholders, SP+ wanted to let its customers know about this incident as soon as it could,” said the company in a statement to the public.

The company has said that cardholders’ names, card numbers, expiration dates and verification codes may have been exposed in the breach. Individuals are being urged to check their bank account statements regularly in order to become immediately aware should any fraud occur.

SP+’s third-party payment processing vendor has also agreed to update its security system by requiring two-factor authentication when logging onto the main system with remote access.

The malware has since been removed from all the company’s computers, and that credit card transactions are now secure.

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