Be aware of employees using your POS system for other uses.

According to the Global Point of Sales (POS) Terminal Market: Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019) report the industry is booming. This surge in use and trends is being caused by a few factors including:

  • Higher use in retail and hospitality business: The retail and hospitality businesses are two of the most crucial users of POS systems. These two sectors handle large amounts of company and customer data. Without the use of an adequate POS system, this information is open for hackers to steal.
  • Mobile POS use increase: Mobile POS systems allow stores to maintain free reign over their space. In addition to eliminating long payment lines, mobile POS can also look up inventory and order necessary shipments.
  • The use of EMV cards during transactions: By the end of October 2015, every point of sale system must be equipped to handle EMV credit cards. This method, widely used in Europe, will help keep customer information secure.

Although point of sale system use is on the rise, so are new ways hackers are attempting to steal information. Cyber criminals are currently targeting employees that browse the web or check their email on company POS systems.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, FireEye researchers found that hackers are using malware filled emails, in addition to unsafe attachments, sent directly to employees.

“Organizations should educate their employees to follow best security practices, such as only using POS systems for what they are intended for and not to browse the web, check email, play video games, etc.,” researchers from security firm Trustwave said.

When these emails are opened on Windows-based terminals, this “NitlovePOS” can steal payment card data and make copies of the information for the creation of illegal cards.

Invest in a POS system that will protect you and your customers. In addition, implement rules that will protect your system as well. Learn more on our website.