Features of Visual Retail Plus

Three-Dimensional Matrix

Manage your merchandise by adding each item to a specific group, subgroup, or a tertiary group. Separate each product by size, color, style, or assign various attributes such as material or activity.

Add Product Images in the POS

Easily view what is being sold or entered into the system with quality images of the product.

Import Vendor UPCs

Quickly create an inventory using UPCs from vendors so you can efficiently manage your products.

Create Gift Packages

Put together different types of accessories, such as bandbags, socks, and belts in order to promote sales. Our POS software ensures the gift package has been sold as well as each individual item to keep inventory accurate.

Put Items on Hold or Layaway

Efficiently add items to hold or layaway categories, add expiration dates, and take the item out of hold or layaway when needed.

Transfer Items

For businesses with multiple locations, easily transfer an item from one store to another. When one store does not have an item, the POS will immediately find a location that does. Give the customer the option to have that item delivered to a location near them, or it will be placed on hold and the customer can pick it up.


Show your customers that they are valuable by keeping track of customer information, previous purchases, emails, coupons based on shopping habits, loyalty points, and more.

Seasonal Planning

Never go out of an item during a busy season or holiday. Our POS system will send recommendations based on sales and current inventory.

Time and Attendance

Keep track of hours worked, overtime pay, commission, and create all the necessary reports to ensure employees are being paid accurately and your business is being efficient.


Create coupons for a percentage off, a certain dollar amount off, and more. Our software also features an auto-discount system so store promotions are always easy to manage.

POS System For Footwear Stores

As much as any vertical in retail, shoe stores are some of the most rapidly changing. Sure, there are the old standards but generally a full change of inventory is required a few times a year. The most difficult part being, that these changes are constant throughout the whole year.

In order to give your clients what they want, a comprehensive Point of Sale system needs to be in place. The kind of system that can keep up with the needs of such a lightning paced industry. Visual Retail Plus has developed a proprietary suite of software specifically designed to keep pace with fast moving industries like retail shoe sales.

Visual Retail Plus wants to ensure that your business is successful, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years. The combination of managing your inventory and providing customers a superior shopping experience is essential. Our Point of Sale system has everything you need to do just this, and more. Our intuitive software will make the day-to-day work tasks efficient and effective, saving you time and money.

Contact us today for more information about the VRP complete package and to schedule a free demo. Elevate your retail shoe business with VRP.