Get to Know Our POS Software

Serialization for Guns

Establish a detailed record of serial numbers for each gun in your inventory, track when an item is received, when it’s sold, the cost of the item, who purchased it, and when it was purchased. Manage your inventory and protect your business and customers.

Electronic Bound Book

An essential part in any firearms and ammunition store, the firearms Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) record, also known as a Bound Book, helps business owners track a firearm through the National Tracing Center, when necessary. Visual Retail Plus provides an electronic version that automatically adds a customer to your CRM, has an integrated backup system, and helps to keep your business organized and compliant.

Taxes and State Laws

Customize your POS system based on your state’s laws and tax requirements. There are various elements to running a business and Visual Retail Plus wants to make it as efficient as possible to protect the financial side of your business.

Special Orders

If your company doesn’t have a certain item in the inventory, VRP’s software will handle special orders, including tracking the deposit, placing the order, and sending a message to the customer to let them know that the product has arrived. Give your customers the best shopping experience possible from start to finish.

Sporting Goods Rentals

Being able to offer your customers rentals is a unique benefit, but it requires an organized process of deposits, tracking which customers have what product, which products are rented and what is still available, and ensuring the products are still in good condition when they return. Whether you’re renting a canoe or a mountain bike, make it easy and efficient for both the business and the customer.

Product Images

Perfect for employees ringing up items or if they are looking for an item in the inventory, product images makes it easy to see exactly what you are selling. If an employee is searching for an item, it can be found based on color, size, and many other attributes.

Store-to-Store Transfers

Great for sporting goods stores, when one location doesn’t have an item, or it has been rented out, quickly find a location in the area that does. The customer will have the option of going to pick the item up or it can be delivered to a store location that is convenient for them. The item can be placed on hold to ensure that it’s not sold or rented out to anyone else before the customer is able to pick it up.

Team/League Information

Make it easy for sports teams or leagues to come back to your store for additional orders. Our POS system will hold information such as team colors, gear they need, if a special discount was given, details on monogrammed orders, and more. For customers who are managing the purchase of multiple people’s apparel or equipment, everyone can rely on VRP.

Coupon Options

Show your customers that they are valued with coupons based on shopping history, receipt totals, and more. Create coupons for a certain percentage off, a dollar amount off, or for special events at the store. Give your customers a reason to come back to your store and give employees the peace of mind knowing that the coupons will work at the POS every single time.

Seasonal Planning

Get ready for summer water rentals, plan ahead for holiday shopping, and get recommendations for new orders based on sales history. Our POS software will help manage inventory based on existing merchandise on the shelf and products that are in storage as well.


Your customers are essential to the success of our business, make them a high priority with a CRM software you can trust. Track customer information, create email lists and send bulk emails, print coupons based on individual shopping history, manage loyalty points/cards, and more.

Time and Attendance

Manage your employee’s working hours, overtime pay, commission pay, and more. If you need reports, our POS software is intuitive and can be customized based on your needs. Easily integrate it with third parties like ADP to ensure time and attendance is compliant and that employees are happy.

Intuitive Point of Sale Software For Sporting Goods & Firearm Stores

Retail sporting goods stores and gun shops have unique set of issues that are specific to the industry. First of all when you are dealing with firearms and potentially sensitive items, documentation is of the utmost importance. Visual Retail Plus is the most comprehensive and feature packed CRM and POS system available. We can help you automatically keep your inventory levels right where you need them. Employee management, product organization and even time and attendance. If you have a sporting goods store, a specialty gun room or even a fly fishing shop, Visual Retail Plus is committed to helping you make the most out of your small business.