VRP’s Web Suite

The truth about business these days is that it never takes a break. Regardless of whether you have a brick and mortar operation, or an e-commerce enterprise, you must be able to access your point of sale system whenever the need arises anytime, anywhere using your tablet, phone (IOS, Android,  and others), PC, or Mac.

At Visual Retail Plus, we recognized the need for constant access and developed, what we feel is the ideal solution, introducing — Web Suite.    

VRP’s Web Suite is a collection of web-based programs, designed to work mainly on smaller mobile devices, but can be launched from desktops.

Mobile POS

Shorter wait time for customers to pay including swipe and chip card processing.


Add customers to your CRM as they shop or add what they purchased to their personal sales history profile.

Physical Inventory

Easily do spot checks for items or vendors, or conduct a general physical inventory of your entire store.

Manage Products

View, verify, and change products including on-hand quantity, prices, descriptions, category affiliation, etc.

Gift Registry

Seamlessly add items to a gift registry.

Purchase Orders

Receive against a PO, or scan items for return to vendor.


Inter-store transfers and transfer manifest approvals.

Using the most update Dot Net Core platform, no IIS installation is needed, installation done in less than a minute and allows connectivity from LAN, VPN, or cloud.

VRP’s Web Suite does not require a dedicated server, the site can be installed on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows server.

Access to the Web Suite is governed by the VRP security. It can be installed using a security certificate (HTTPS) for public access, or without it for VPN and LAN use.