1. Study: Consumers Plan to Up Spending, Especially Online, this Holiday Season

    Businesses need to integrate e-commerce solutions. There are some people out there who want to claim in-store shopping is dead. With the advances in internet connectivity and mobile devices, a larger number of customers have access to online shopping. If you look at some of the sales numbers and consumer preferences, it is easy to see why that could be the case. According to a recent article from…Read More

  2. Proper Inventory Reporting Helps Integrate Online and Physical Shopping

    Inventory management systems needed to improve omnichannel shopping. As retailers grow, there is a good chance that organizations will branch into various other platforms to sell their goods. This means more merchants will be faced with the challenge of melding e-commerce and brick-and-mortar systems. For this to be successful, there are several solutions that should be upgraded in order to work s…Read More

  3. Retail POS Systems are Ready for A “Profound Transformation”

    The payment industry is gearing up for major changes. Merchants are well aware of the importance of having a well oiled machine for a point of sale (POS) system. However, there are a number of different organizations that are holding back from upgrading for a number reasons. Some are valid, but many are not. On top of that, the current landscape of payment solutions and POS software is evolving…Read More

  4. Retail PCI Security Standard Poised for an Upgrade

    POS security could be upgrading soon as the PCI standards are poised for an upgrade by the end of the year. In Las Vegas, Nevada, last week, the security requirements of the payments industry could be getting ready to undergo a major change. This is because the PCI Security Standards Council has just wrapped up meetings that will lead to the third version of the Payment Card Industry's DDS and th…Read More

  5. Apple POS System Experiences Blackout

    Apple's POS system went down for several hours this week. If you were to ask anyone about a computer glitch, they would most likely not have good things to say about them. For businesses, a glitch can be problematic. If it happens with point of sale software, the outcome can be devastating. According to multiple reports, Apple retail stores learned the following lesson the hard way on Thursday whe…Read More

  6. October Sales Numbers Surpass Expectations

    Sales numbers for October were higher than expected. Every retailer needs to be concerned with the latest trends to make sure they are able to meet the demand of any and all consumers who could be coming through the door. If recent figures are to be believed, merchants should be preparing for a strong holiday season. Retail Metrics released their study of October sales numbers which found a 3.7 pe…Read More

  7. Increased Shrink Can Mean Improved Reporting is Needed

    Retail shrink comes from shoplifting and poor reporting. With the busiest shopping days of the year inching closer, retailers are in overdrive to make sure they have all the bases covered. While a high priority is placed on being able to handle the increased sales traffic, it should also be on preventing shrink or loss prevention. According to the 2012-2013 Global Retail Theft Barometer, which was…Read More

  8. PCI DSS 3.0 Released but Merchants Aren’t Ready

    The PCI DSS 3.0 has been released but merchants are not ready to upgrade. As readers of this blog are well aware, point of sale software solutions are vulnerable to malware and fraud. Having the right security systems in place is crucial for any retailer, and with the new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.0 being released, every merchant should be looking into the security o…Read More

  9. Staying Ahead of Evolving E-Commerce Solutions Helps Merchants Succeed

    Integrating e-commerce is key to business success. When merchants look at what the future of consumer interaction could be, one facet that continues to show up is e-commerce. However, the use of a website to sell goods is far more complicated than it seems and there are a number of aspects that need to be optimized for a retailer to be successful at it. One blog post from Evosite, a company that …Read More

  10. Midwest T-shirt company adopts fully integrated e-commerce and POS System

    A retail solution provider can take the frustration out of deploying an e-commerce system. It is no surprise to think that today's retail world has changed. Consumers are just as likely to search for new items online as they are to head out to a local store and browse the shelves. Because of this, more merchants are starting to journey into the digital landscape and utilize e-commerce solutions. …Read More