More retailers need to be aware of threat of cyber attacks.

The Target security breach shined a bright light on the impact of cyber security at the POS system. This is something that every organization needs to be aware of because POS attacks are going to be on the rise.

According to a recent article from PCWorld, security researchers from the cyber crime intelligence firm IntelCrawler have uncovered a new malware/botnet system that has impacted almost 1,500 point of sale (POS) terminals, accounting systems and back-of-house platforms from businesses in 36 countries.

Being called “Nemanja,” the system is believed to have originated in Serbia. This was a global point of sale system infestation and really highlights the problems that current businesses are facing when it comes to POS security. While every business knows it needs to be aware of the criminals that come in with a weapon and demand money, or the employee that is taking cash off the top, they now must be prepared to battle criminals from around the world that are attacking digitally.

“We predict an increasing number of new data breaches in both sectors in the next few years, as well as the appearance of new types of specific malicious code targeted at retailers’ back office systems and cash registers,” a company spokesperson told the news source.

To ensure the safety of a business point of sale computer systems are crucial for all companies. Not only do networks need to be safe, but proper reporting solutions need to be in place to make sure that any irregularities are caught early and kept in check. With a system like the POS introduced by Visual Retail Plus, you will have all of the tools available to potentially avoid the consequences of hacking. Contact us today for a free demo and more information from our knowledgeable representatives.