Are your employees aware of how to protect your point of sale system?

Securing your POS system shouldn’t be difficult, especially with the right system vendor protection.

According to eSecurity Planet, more than half of the U.S. population has likely had their personal data compromised in the past 12 to 18 months due to security breaches related to point of sale systems. Security breaches are constantly occurring because hackers find new ways to steal private information, but point of sale systems that are updated regularly can prevent these types of threats.

By protecting the personal information of both customers and the business itself, stores can then focus on other vital components such as customer service, inventory and the upcoming holiday season.

There are many other ways to ensure the security of your point of sale system. These include:

  • Assessing security as it is now: When is the last time you actually looked at your security system? The first step in enabling protection is ensuring baseline security steps are being taken every day. A great starting point is changing your passwords as 30 percent of data breaches can be attributed to weak passwords.
  • Making and scheduling regular updates: Updating POS applications allows the system to maintain its most secure form while guarding itself against potential future attacks as well.
  • Only allowing authorized applications to run on the system: Don’t let employees surf the web or download personal files onto the POS system. This can leave the system open to a range of vulnerabilities.
  • Training personnel on the latest security outbreaks: Take the time every few months to train employees on the latest outbreaks or security advances. Doing so can help prevent a breach.

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